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I started this blog in 2018 after passing my nursing board certification. Having spent 16 months in an incredibly competitive nursing program at Duke University and stressing out about that darn NCLEX, I decided it was time to take my wellness seriously and make it a priority. The inspiration behind the name of this blog comes from my own name, Kata Joy, as well as my wellness journey; … so… Living, well… “JOYful”! What started out as my own exploration into this realm of wellness, quickly inspired me to share and empower you to also find avenues of wellness in your life. My hope is that you will take the information given, recipes shared, and fun to be had and translate this into your own life. Wellness is not a one size fits all, so feel free to pick up the tips and tricks that work for you and leave the rest here… you can always cycle back around and try them at a different time!

about live joyful

A little bit about me! I grew up in a tiny town in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. I have traveled the world, working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala, (barely) surviving the frigid winter in Fairbanks, Alaska as an Americorps Volunteer, and working in various nonprofits before deciding to returning to school to become a nurse. Duke University was my home away from home for 16 months and then my husband and I packed our belongings and headed to Washington DC. Where, I now work as a labor and delivery nurse and absolutely adore it.

I love my huge adopted golden retriever, Keenie, experimenting with vegetarian recipes, really anything that allows me to be outdoors in nature or traveling with my husband; oh — and learning. Goodness gracious, I love to learn. I would love to return to school to become a Certified Nurse Midwife and my Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner, but I am really loving bedside nursing for now.

Ok enough about me, thanks so much for finding your way to my website. I post on here weekly, but if you want daily joy, make sure you check out my instagram and sign up for my newsletter! That way you won’t miss a beat!