Girl. Manifest Your Goals.

Today we are going to cover all things goals. How to manifest them, how to go after them, and what to do when you don’t hit your goal the first time around. Plus! I am giving you a 13 page goal guide that will walk you through every step you need to take to go after your goals… from deciding what to do, how to focus on it, and measurable steps to put in place in order to accomplish them! 100% free!

If you can manifest it, you can do it.

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But before we get to all that fun stuff, I want to talk about my goal, one that I have definitely had some ups and downs with and keep coming back to. I have said it in the past, but I will say it again… historically I have definitely been the Queen of the I HATE RUNNING CLUB. My history with hating running started at a young age playing soccer where wind sprints were used to “punish” us for not winning games (now that I look back on it, that is a HORRIBLE way to help your young players improve their fitness… by punishing them— but I digress) which of course made me associate running with punishment. I hated to run so much that when I made the switch from soccer (I finally came to terms that I would never be the next Mia Hamm…) to lacrosse, I willing signed up to be the goalie. Having a concrete ball wrapped in rubber being thrown at you at 30 miles an hour should not be something that someone wants to do, but I dreaded the feeling of running so much that it seemed like the best solution.

My lacrosse coach was brilliant. He’s my best friend’s father and I still call him '“coach” to this day. Instead of making running a punishment, he built in “fun run” days to train and explained that we needed to be well rounded athletes before we could be great lacrosse players. While these days of running were not the funniest (yes the irony is still not lost on me) my relationship with running shifted.

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See the truth is, ever since my high school lacrosse experience, I have actually wanted to be a runner. I have wanted to do half and full marathons. But it’s hard. Running is not an easy sport and can actually be pretty dangerous if you don’t train appropriately (more on this later). When I first started out running, my lungs felt like they were on fire, my legs ached, my stomach would get a stitch in it. It was like “when is this torture going to become fun??” My love hate relationship with running continued through college and into young adulthood until the wonderful world of electronics came into play.

I completed my first 5k while living in Montana (the turkey trot) after doing a “couch to 5k”. Doing community running and races while living out west were just a part of life, we signed up for more races out there than I ever dreamed possible. I loved running, if I couldn’t get out and do at least 2-3 miles multiple times a week, I just felt icky. It gave me such a feeling of accomplishment to reach new mile markers and just complete it. It had FINALLY become fun! When we moved back to the east coast, we signed up for a 10 miler, which was quite a bit more running and training and of course, I did not train like I should, leading in an IT Band injury that I would fight with myself over the next 3 years.

This injury is where my relationship with running took a negative turn.

For those of you that do not have an IT Band injury, it is really an overuse injury and not having the appropriate strength in your core (your stomach, back, and booty) to accommodate running, so your IT band takes over this job. And it feels like someone is twisting a part of your insides that shouldn’t be twisted. I had the hardest time understanding that for the first time mentally I was in “running shape” meaning it didn’t burn to breathe and I didn’t get stitches in my sides when I did run, but my body needed a break. My relationship with myself during this year was so bad that I would bust into tears when I couldn’t run more than a mile at a time or I would be awfully mean to my darling husband for no reason. I needed a break and to refocus on what strength was. So I took all of 2018 off of running. I didn’t really want to run, so it wasn’t hard. But I did focus on exercise that would help me build core strength and wellness, like yoga.

But 2019 has me itching to lace up my running shoes again so I am setting the goal of running again.

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This time, my goal means rebuilding my relationship with running as a healthy hobby. I am not focusing on how far I can go with each run, but how my body feels when I am doing it. Because at the end of the day, I truly want that feeling of accomplishment back, which was so easy when I was starting out, so I am treating this like a fresh start and savoring each run that my knee doesn’t scream. I am also continuously working on my core muscle to continue to keep that part in check. Continued yoga pilates, and booty bands are a daily thing in my life right now.

I don’t know if you will also have an active goal, but one thing I have found that helps to get started with any physical activity is treating yourself to a new exercise outfit, which is why I am thrilled to partner with Senita Athletics on this goal. Senita was started by two sisters, who after having children of their own, wanted to get back into shape. They were overwhelmed by the cost of exercise clothing and decided to do something about it. Because they work directly with their manufactures, they are able to offer incredibly well made clothing at EXTREMELY reasonable prices. And because they are designed and made by women for women, they focus on key elements to make anyone feel comfortable.

  1. Pockets- this is the first company I have every worked with that offers pockets in so many areas. They have sports bras with pockets to accomodate an iphone 8+ (yes, I purchased this one and its my favorite running accessory) Their leggings and shorts have strategic pockets that allow for keys and cell phones to be stowed

  2. These clothes are manufactured to last, which cuts down on clothing waste. They definitely passed the squat test (LOL) and much more. I could not believe how well they were made for their cost.

  3. They are made to fit any level of fitness, not just elite athletes. I feel like a huge barrier to entry in some sports are how snobby they can be. It’s like if you can’t run the Boston Marathon, you don’t deserve our product. So. Over. It. Senita wants you to feel like you are purchasing so much more than an exercise outfit, you are purchasing a lifestyle, community, and connection… and you look GREAT in them!

I am proud to go after this goal of learning how to love the act of running again with Senita Athletics. I know I will look great, while I feel accomplished which is all I could ask for.

Ok your turn… let’s manifest those goals!

If you can take anything away from my story about running, it’s that goals are a fluid process. What may be your goal when you start out, may not necessarily be your end point. I feel that the best goals are those that keep you growing and reaching for more things. One of the hardest things though when accomplishing something big is knowing where to start, which is why I created the “Girl- Manifest Your Goals” guide. This freebie has everything you need to decide on a goal, how to break it into attainable pieces, and moments of reflections to see how your goal has changed. Download it below and tag #manifestingmygoals on IG as you work through it! I want to see all the amazing things you are accomplishing!

Girl. Manifest those goals.

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