Feng Shui-ing our Apartment & Creating More Space for Us

feng shui

Chris and I upgraded from studio to a one bedroom apartment last fall, after deciding that it was too difficult for me to sleep during the day (#nightshiftproblems) when there wasn’t a door to separate the noise and light. The cool thing about our apartment building is that it was built in the 1920s, so each apartment is a just a little different than its neighbors. We loved the one that was available because it gave us tons of light (we love some plant life) and space.

That being said, the space is a little funky, with built ins and doors, it is a little challenging to arrange furniture in a way that really allows a living space. We discussed various options of furniture arrangement before moving in and really couldn’t find something we both loved. Around the same time as we were moving last year, Chris was also volunteering at our local garden and met Nitu, a feng shui and interior designer, who gave Chris her pitch and card. He told me about meeting her and what she did and wanted to try it for our new place.

I was like “ummmm NO! I’m not letting a total stranger into our house and PAYING her to feng shui our apartment”

I really didn’t believe in feng shui and TBH was being kind of a brat by dismissing the idea immediately. But we live in a big city and while I am all about that granola lifestyle, even I have limits on what I will buy into! (LOL)

Annnnyyyywho. a year passes and we kind of hate our livingroom. It’s cramped, but at the same time feels like we’re wasting tons of space. After having a game night with our neighbors and lusting after their apartment (again they’re all a little different) and how they had their furniture arranged we decided, it was either time for new furniture (not in the budget) or we needed to try something new.

Enter Nitu, owner of Phoenix and Rose a feng shui, staging, interior design, and apartment cleansing guru. From the moment she walked into our apartment, I loved her energy. She immediately dived into what could be changed and why. She was full of light energy and absolutely gorgeous! And we LOVE what she did for our space. The arrangement of our furniture made perfect sense and actually made the apartment feel bigger, cleaner, and less cluttered (without us getting rid of anything). It took it from its weird limbo of “We have nice things, but don’t know what/how to show them off” to what feels like an adult apartment (#adulting LOL). I really dig every change she made. She made me a total believer as well as taught me the valuable lesson that I am constantly learning of being more open to chance encounters that the universe brings your way.

But let’s pause for a moment. What exactly is Feng Shui? It originates in the Chinese culture and focuses on spacial arrangements and orientations in order to allow the flow of energy aka qi. Can you see now why I was a little skeptical? Qi? Energy flows in your home? Sounds pretty new-agy to me! HAHA! But in reality it focuses on using the space you have for the maximum use while balancing the energy you share with others. There are actually many different schools of thought on the practice of this art, but my take away was it allows you to harness energy for specific tasks and brings more harmony to your home.


Our living room was super cramped and unbalanced, we had a ton of wasted space in our bedroom, and nothing was grounded.


Some of the things I learned from Nitu:

  • Placement of photos are very important. We had a ton of our wedding photos and engagement photos above doors or high on the walls, which can symbolize that we are putting our relationship on high pedestal. We also didn’t have any pictures of us in the bedroom— which is exactly where they should be because we want to bring love and family into our place of rest.

  • Cleaning corners in your home. This is where your energy accumulates, so clearing out all the dust and dog hair tumbleweeds is key to keeping our home bright and flowing.

  • Decluttering. Marie Kondo is onto something here. Decluttering and getting rid of items that do not bring 100% joy to our day to day need to be let go of. Then instead of making impulse purchases, truly find items that are multi-use and make you feel good (especially in relation to clothing) this will add confidence and happiness to your everyday life.

  • Mirrors hold tons of energy, which can be good or bad and the placement of them are key. Nuti recommended that we not have any mirrors in our bedroom because of this energy (it can keep you up at night) and shared when she enters clients homes with tons of mirrors that they are often isolating themselves or are narcissistic. We actually only own two mirrors but I am extra conscious of their locations now!

  • Cleaning under your bed and using black salt will assist you in sleeping.

The aftereffects of our apartment rearranging.


I cannot speak for Chris, but I felt there was a huge energy shift in our apartment after Nuti had left. I actually felt very overwhelmed and needed to leave the space for a little bit. Chris and I then had a little bit of an argument that actually ended with us realizing that we need to make more space for each other and reconnect at the end of each day. We had gotten into the habit of coming home from work and turning on the TV or scrolling through anything on our phones instead of actually taking the time to decompress and share what happened in each others days or what we were feeling at that time. It brought us to an understanding that we needed to create serious space for us as well. It’s funny how bringing it to our attention, really made the change. I love getting to share my day with Chris and spend quality time with him.

So long story short, I am a total believer in feng shui now. There is so much energy out in the universe and learning how to be in more harmony with it, can only open doors and give you new opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about feng shui, check out The Spruce on how you can get started! Nuti is currently based in DC, but is relocating to NYC this summer— so definitely go check her out and show her some love!