Quick Guide: How to Pack Light and Carefree


How to Pack Light & Carefree

So as you may have caught on via my instagram, Chris and I are heading to Ireland next week for a road trip around the entire island! AND WE ARE PUMPED!! I cannot wait to be inundated with green! But I wanted to share with you why and how I packed for week long this winter holiday using a carryon, so that we won't have to waste any time checking our bags.

I guess I should back up a little bit. I absolutely HATE checking a bag at the airport. It may be from the frequent travel I did during and after college, but once you re stranded in a foreign country with nothing more than the clothes you have already traveled 10 hours in, is just not fun for me. I get tons of anxiety waiting to see if my bag will make it to me! So, after umpteen times of losing my bag, I have started to just carry on.

I highly recommend traveling to Europe during winter if you are able to, because 1. less tourist 2. every quaint little town is even prettier covered in snow and 3. it gives you a chance to get cozy in a coffee shop or pub with your traveling companion.


That being said, traveling anywhere that is a winter destination and trying to only bring a backpack and carryon can be tricky... I mean we're talking about heavy/bulky winter sweater, jackets, scarves, hats, you name it. So here are a few tricks I have come up with!

I like to take the idea of the Clothing Countdown from the NY times and modify it a bit.

I am taking four shirts, three pairs of pants (leggings are excluded from this haha!) three pairs of shoes, three hats, and two scarfs, one winter coat, rain coat, and one dress. I am opting to bring my Xtratuff rain boots because the forecast is predicting lots of rain and they are very comfortable to walk long distances in. I plan on using my blanket scarf as, well a blanket, on the plane and will wear my Uggs on travel days bc I tend to get cold on the airplane. My winter coat packs down into a small pocket, so I can throw it in my backpack if it gets to be too much to carry. I stuff my socks into my rain boots to utilize space in my suitcase and have actually packed an extra bag for any purchases Chris and I make in Ireland... this way we can check the extra bag on the way home and one way or the other, we will get it eventually!

This trip I am taking low key items that can be mixed and matched to make multiple outfits. Because we are going to be in the car A LOT, comfort was a priority for me, which is why I chose two pairs of jeans and black leggings to swap out on. I did pack a very cozy sweater dress to wear, in case we do go to dinner in Belfast or Dublin. Low key is generally my motto in these situations.

Now making it all fit and staying organized while we jump around the island. I found compressible packing cubes on amazon (linked here) that seem to be a packing miracle. I have never used packing cubes before, but I love the idea of having all my tops, bottoms, and accessories (hats/tights/scarves) in designated places, so I don't have to dig through my suitcase each day looking for a particular item. I will definitely update this post, when we return and let you know if they work as well as I am imagining them to!

Lastly, while lots of outdoor adventure is to be had on this trip, it is super important to me to reflect and do some yoga- to not only reset, but to rest. So I am bringing a journal to record our days and my yoga paws to continue to practice.

Check out the video I have made below on how I make everything fit! and leave any questions in the comments that you may have! I cannot wait until we get to take off for this amazing opportunity!!

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